Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday Words Of Wisdom

We'll spend the rest of the week talking about one of my three New Year's declutter!

Listen to this great video from my friend, Peter Walsh (more on that tomorrow).  It is on Peter's YouTube channel and is a lot of other great info.  I have this book, workbook and now have just ordered this video.  Can't wait!!

 Enjoy!  Liz

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  1. Well, speaking of decluttering: We are planning on moving onto a boat for a few years. We have ALWAYS wanted to do this so we're taking the plunge (maybe a bad choice of words) and doing it this summer. I'm keeping family heirlooms and putting in storage since we'll have limited space. But everything else is going and when we buy a house again (2-3 years) I'll just start over.