Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts: Cut and Paste

One of the first slides in the Visual Workshop simply said, "Cut and Paste."  That immediately drew my attention. "Miss Betty" (my mother, whom I have written about often!) was a big believer in the "cutting" part....but not so much the "pasting."

For years, Miss Betty ripped pages out of magazines and added her own hand-written commentary....but she never did more than shove them into a folder or occasionally separate them into large Ziploc bags.  The same applied to family photos.  I am a huge believer in three-ring binders and those wonderful slip-sleeves that you can slide things right into, so I have been taking what Miss Betty gave me and am organizing it that way.  Later this week, when I write about "My" Visual Life as it relates to home and family, I will share even more pics!

Today I wanted to share an idea....a way of working that I have found to be do-able for me....and one that Charlotte Moss also said worked for her!  (Joy sprang to my heart when I saw one of her leather-bound books that she so graciously brought down from New York....It was arranged much like I arranged the couple of books I have done.)

So....here's the idea:  Cut/clip/photograph, etc.  Gather your items together in categories that make sense to you and then put those together to tell a story....tell your story.  It can be family photos, photos and post cards from your travels, decorating ideas...you name it!  It's all up to you!!  Then, start editing (very important!!) and put those together in a flow that will be interesting.  It's not hard.  I promise! If I can do it, anyone can....

Before Miss Betty died, she gave me all of our family photographs and I sorted through them (over several weeks) and decided to start with three albums.  First, I did one for my cousin, whose dear mother (Miss Betty's sister) had died when he was only a baby.  Second, I took all my parents wedding/honeymoon and young married couple photos and memorabilia and put those together.  Finally, I took my baby pictures and memorabilia and put it together.  That was actually the easiest...because Miss Betty had bought a beautiful Mark Cross leather album, had my name gold stamped on it....and then had never used it! It was right there waiting..... So, I replaced it's 1960's non-archival pages with some proper ones and set about putting the pictures in order.  That was challenging because they were not ordered by date in any way, shape or form.  So, I got out my trusty jeweler's loupe (which everyone should have!) and started looking at the pictures very closely for clues as to my age, the houses we lived in, etc.....and low and behold....a narrative developed!

Hospital pictures, cards from flowers and
 my first engraved calling card (upper right).

I even found the paperwork from
Norfolk General Hospital!

This is what it cost to have a baby and
stay in the hospital for five days back in 1959!

My parents belonged to the Cavalier Beach Club, so I hit the beach at a very early age!
The picture on the left is an old postcard I found tucked away in Miss Betty's pictures.
Charlotte Moss also loves using postcards in her scrapbooks and collages!

Outtakes and the final photo and actual card
 from my family's first Christmas card!

Think of a time in your life that was special.  Even one occasion....or maybe your own baby pictures.  What kind of story do those pictures and memorabilia tell?  Ms. Moss said that all we need is a "kick in the pants" to get started....so.....

This is our Kick-Off Day!  Have at it!


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