Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Thoughts

This has been a tough week.  A family member in the hospital (in Atlanta), friends who have suffered a death in their family.....and the first Christmas season without a loved one for dear friends of mine.  All of this has weighed so heavy on my heart.  I have been trying to think about bright and cheerful things to write about this week.....

And then the tragic shooting in Connecticut.  As I write this, they are announcing that 27 are confirmed dead, with more than a dozen of those being children.

I feel sick.  I think I will spend today re-reading the wonderful book, Hope and Healing, by Martha Kalichman.

Pray for this country, which seems to be descending into madness....

More next week....



  1. Yes, it really has been a cruddy, cruddy week. And then received word this morning that my very best friend passed on this morning. ((sigh))

  2. My cousin died this morning, too. So sad....and I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Lots of love...and prayers! Liz