Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings: Priorities

So much to write much to think much to do, in general!  I think that's a problem that many of us have: too much to do.  And how do we get to that place?  Sometimes it cannot be helped, but in my experience, it's often a place we end up in because of over-committing.  That is something many of us do. Most of us, probably.

My blogging, as well as my duties around the house and many personal commitments, have suffered in these past few months.  I have been over-committed....way over......but I have loved all my projects and the people I have done them for and with.  I have been honored to serve on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations as well as having been a hard working volunteer on a number of volunteer committees.  My calendar and typical day are busier than when I "worked for a living," and upon getting yet another request to commit to a new "three year term" this week, I realized that something HAS to give....and I don't want that something to be me!!

So, there are decisions to be made.  Some of them are going to be tough.  I don't want anyone to feel I am letting him/her/them down.  Some of the readers of this very blog are women I work with in the volunteer trenches, and I can imagine what you/they are thinking!  All I can say is that for anything I am in charge of, I always make sure I am training someone to take my I won't leave anyone in the lurch.  Do not worry!!

Tonight I will get out my legal pad and favorite Elsa Peretti ball point pen, and approach this "old school" style.  I am going to write down everything I do and what I am committed to in the future and start trimming where I can.

In the meantime, I commit to writing at least three times a week for The Classic Preppy!!


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