Saturday, September 22, 2012

Living A Beautiful Life

** 9-26 Update:  I had a family member have to go to the hospital for surgery and a short stay. Wan't expecting that this month, so will take a short hiatus.  See you after October 1st...

I am going to be writing more posts that will continue the theme....but for now, I just have to point you in the direction of the newest issue of Town and Country magazine.  There is an amazing article on John McCain's 100 year old mother, her house and her gracious way of living.  I love, love, LOVE it!!  That is how I want to be in the years to come....and I don't see why I can't.  My grandmother and great-aunt lived to be 100 and 105 respectively...and lived in their family home, entertaining right up to the end!  (The house's beautiful garden was on tour the year my grandmother turned 100!)  These pictures are from the Town and Country article.  If there is one magazine you should subscribe to, it is Town and Country.  It is the Preppy "go-to" publication!  Go buy this issue today!! (Or subscribe.....That's what I do!)

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  1. I too, receive Town and Country and I almost died when I read this article. I must have read it over at least 3 times and pored through the photographs. Mrs. McCain is such a classy lady.

    I need to make a trip to Richmond to see you.