Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog Break: Downton Abbey Style

I should be writing a witty, inspirational post today...but, no......I am using that time to watch Episode One of the third series (season) of Downton Abbey.  It is shown in the UK on Sunday evenings, and posted on Monday morning for viewers in the US to see.  I use a subscription service called to view all my favorite UK shows...and it has never let me down!

No spoilers....I won't give anything away....or tell you how AMAZING the first episode is (LOL).....but I will tell you this: If you ever get Downton Abbey on DVD make sure you order the uncut UK version.  Masterpiece Theatre hacks it up and you often miss something or they end it at a weird place.... The first time I watched online and compared the two I was stunned.  The ending was far more dramatic in the UK version.  Series Three, Episode One is one hour and 6 minutes long.  Masterpiece Theatre will have to edit about 10 minutes out of that to make it fit its format (including that dreadful bit with Laura Linney).....

Each episode only costs two (2) VIP Points....and you can get a ton of Points for very little money.  (I believe $10 gets you 100 points/ $20 gets you 200, etc.)


  1. Thank you for all of that information. I didn't realize that we were getting an edited version in the U.S. I don't have a DVD player that plays the UK region DVDs so I'll try the

  2. The uncut UK DVD is released in this country for American DVD players! I order mine through they are a good price as well!!