Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hmmm.....I think I am going to move away from my "themed days" approach to blogging, and just write what I feel like writing about.  Today's topic might seem contradictory to yesterday's "Get to it!" theme.....but I think it is very important that we relax....each and every day.....but (at least) once a year for several days at a time.

That's what I did on my most recent trip back "home" to Delray Beach, Florida.  I relaxed.  Completely.  I slept well, ate good food (if you go to Delray Beach, you MUST eat at Da-Da!), and spent time with family and some very precious friends.

There is nothing more relaxing than spending time on the water....so on one of our last evenings we simply cruised up and down the intracoastal.  So quiet (even with the steel drum band playing in the background) and so relaxing......Just what I needed!  (Disclaimer: I made my family and friends wear the tacky leis for the picture.....they were very kind to humor me!!)

Now, get to it!  Go relax!!!

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