Monday, June 4, 2012

A Week Of Wonder

While I sort things out with my laptop and get a few other projects finished, I want to take this week to share with you some thoughts on design.  Whether clothing, jewelry, furniture, name is of paramount importance.  We'll be looking at designers and their designs all week.

To start....a video from Tiffany & Co. about the amazing Elsa Peretti.  Ms. Peretti was quite famous for her passionate approach to all she did during my time at Tiffany's.   One story even had it that she threw her fur coat into the fireplace after a particularly heated discussion with the TCO President!  From my simple sterling pen to my cobalt serving bowl to the silver necklaces I have given my daughters through the years....all the Peretti pieces we own are precious.

Meet Elsa Peretti!  Simply click "play"....

1 comment:

  1. What a LOVELY video! Such an interesting, elegant woman.

    I love your new blog design.

    I am still in awe of your time spent with Tiffany Co. My husband bought our daughter a Tiffany necklace for Christmas her 21st year because he wanted to be the first man to ever buy her jewelry from there. When she wasn't wearing the necklace she would hang it from the mirror of her car, despite my protests that she was inviting theft. Wouldn't you know that someone actually did break into her car. They stole several items but the beautiful Tiffany heart-pendant was still dangling from the rear-view mirror.