Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Touched By A Cause

I was invited to breakfast this morning.  I am not a morning person by nature, nor any other means, so I don't usually accept many breakfast invitations....but this one was different.  A friend of mine is on the board of directors of the Richmond/Central Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.  My grandmother, who lived to 101, spent the last three years of her life with that dread disease.  Although she was blessed to only have it that brief period of time during her very long life, it was so hard for all of us.

The people I heard speak today and the people I met, were simply inspiring.  I am very impressed with this organization and what they do.....and all across this country there is a concerted effort to move the funding for disease prevention/cure forward.  If you are interested, here is a link to more about this effort.  No contribution necessary....just a petition to sign.

This is the video from last year's breakfast...

Diseases like this know no boundaries. "Preppies" and "Non-Preppies" alike are affected.....


  1. When I saw this picture I immediately thought, "Oh there's Miss Betty" but it's your grandmother instead? Must be Miss Betty's mama. I hate/fear this disease. I have so incredibly fortunate so far to not have it in my family, and I pray everynight that if the Lord allows me to live to the ripe old age of 105 (my goal), that I also get to have my mind.

  2. It is Miss Betty's mama! She was Elizabeth, Miss Betty was, myself and older daughter.....The tradition is strong. Her older sister, my Great Aunt Helen, lived to be 105! She never married, but was just like another grandmother to me. I miss them both terribly!

    Kathie, we could have a lot of fun at that cowboy boots and all!! Cheers, Liz