Friday, March 2, 2012

Funny Friday

This is how we partied in 1965!

I am not going to wear a crown today.....unless I find one at Tiffany's!

Quick update: No crown to be found, but did find a lovely little pink opal egg charm (far left) to complete my collection. DH had given me a Tiffany gift card this morning, and I had saved my "egg money" to complete the purchase. Wanted to save its aquisition for my big day! (I say "complete my collection" because the only one I am missing is all diamonds and is waaaaay out of my price range.  So my collection stops here unless I find a lucky lottery ticket!)

Mani-pedi, trip to Tiffany's, a new haircut and makeover at the Dior counter.  I am ready to face.....gulp!.....53.  Bring it on!!

See you next week!!  (We're going to Palm Beach.....and there's a lot going on this season...)

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