Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Wonderful Week : Celebrating Another Year

Lilly Pulitzer (the company) and I have something in common....We were both born in 1959!  (Actually, Lilly would say "1959-ish"...) And, as I approach March and my 53rd birthday, I do believe we can both be considered real classics.

Isn't this a fun video? I love, love, LOVE the color!! Just the thing to remind us all that spring is on the way!

Last week Younger Daughter and I went to our favorite Virginia Lilly location (Williamsburg's Ocean Palm) and loaded up from their great sale to start the birthday celebration. Next week we run down to Palm Beach/Delray Beach for a few days and go to C. Orrico, the Lilly mecca. Hmmmm.....Better leave some room in the suitcase for the return trip.

Soon I will be taking some pictures of my home office and its new colorful, cheery vibe...all thanks to Lilly!!

Today is supposed to be rainy and gloomy around here...but not for me!  I am putting on my pink  Lilly sweater coat and making my own sunshine!!!


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