Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

I did watch part of the game....mainly to see the halftime show....which I LOVED!!  Madonna rocked it.....but then again, we are almost the same age, so what she did was right up my alley.  (Ms. M.I.A. needs a few etiquette lessons, though!!)

My weekend was tremendously busy...but so much fun!  My dear friend was here as the special guest for our CBS affiliate's Healthy Lifestyle Expo.  We had cars picking us up, security guards escorting us around and we met thousands of people.  (I was serving as part of her entourage, but it was a great glimpse into the world of celebrities!)

The yoga class she led was great, too, and is featured on CBS-6's YouTube channel.  Here's a quick glimpse:

I also got to meet and spend time with  Stepp Stewart (Dr. Oz's fitness guru) and celebrity chef Nathan Lyon. They were amazing!.....Both very talented and so nice!! (Check out Nathan's new cookbook. It is terrific!!)

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