Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Finds: Affordable Elegance

There are some things in life that are really worth having....although buying them brand new in a retail store is not always the only option.  I have been a  big fan of eBay since they first opened for business, and have only once bought a luxury item that turned out to be what I am pretty sure was an imitation.  It was hard to was a "very expensive" handbag that I got for a very good deal...but eventually the brass chipped and discolored.  That hasn't happened with any of the other pieces from this company that I own (that were bought from the company's retail establishments).

How do you avoid the fakes?  It's hard to tell sometimes.  Usually if it's "too good to be true," it is....unless someone is selling something they really don't know the value of.  I bought a great Tiffany & Co. T-clip pen and pencil set a couple of months ago that way.  The seller knew they were sterling, but assumed the gold bands in the middle of the pen were vermeil (gold plated sterling).  I knew those pens well from my days at Tiffany's...and I knew they were 14K bands.  Score!!

Doing some research online yesterday, I realized that there are now some companies that act as expert consignment shops.  They research and authenticate their items, and then sell them for reasonable prices.  One of those, which seems like a very good place to shop (*although I have never bought from them and cannot personally vouch for them) is

Or, if shoes are your thing, these Jimmy Choo sandals can be yours for $185!

I'll be doing more research in the days to come....
But for now, enjoy these Friday Finds!  
Have a great weekend!! 


  1. That's my "go to the grocery store LV" and I love it! It's special to me 'cuz I bought it on my last shopping trip in Beverly Hills with my bff, who is now very ill and cannot leave her home. I shop on ebay all the time and I'm petrified that I'm gonna get a "fake" anything.

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