Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Love, love, LOVE this article from New York Social Diary. Great basic rules for adding order to an oh-so-elegant life.....and some terrific vintage photos, too!  Check out Reggie Darling's blog for more!

VERY "Classic Preppy!"

Photo collage from
 Miss Betty would have loved his post, Drapes is a Verb.  Quite awhile ago, I wrote a post on this same thing (although not beautifully illustrated like Reggie's).  Miss Betty could not stand the word draperies, and I must admit, it makes me cringe as well.  She also looked askance when people used the word couch (rather than sofa) and she absolutely hated the word den.  "Put some books in it and call it a library!" were her words of wisdom... I am not sure where that particular post is, but for more on Miss Betty, click here.  She also believed in maids wearing uniforms and other rules that I have broken over and over again.  Reggie also writes on these things, and I look forward to finding out what he thinks!


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  1. Good article. I do all of these except I am out of dishwaster detergent so dishes are piled up today. I HATE doing dishes, so sorry Reg, they'll stay that way til I can get to the store and buy more.