Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Planning In The Dark

It ain't easy livin' without power....but it certainly does make me appreciate it.  I have taken it for "granted" before.   I think, too, that I have really taken my good health for granted for many, many years.  Going through the stressful times of the days/months/years before my mother ("Miss Betty") died, made for some less than desirable eating choices.

Around the time of the Royal Wedding, I saw a tweet from India Hicks, about giving up diet soda.  I was doing the same and followed her hashtag #fatsickandnearlydead to the website  Bought the movie and watched it and it changed my life!  So much so, that I am bringing Joe Cross and his film to Richmond on September 15th.  If you are in the Richmond area, or know anyone in Central Virginia, this is a must-attend event!  For more, just click on!


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