Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Special Edition: Back To School Bags

It's Back To School time!  Finally.....Here in Richmond, it was delayed for many schools because of the earthquake and Hurricane Irene.  But, we're headed back next week....and we are going in style.  (I am not personally headed back, but I always think of September as the start of a new year for me as well....and shop for myself accordingly.)

This is the PERFECT time of year to add some fun new items to your life!  Just received an amazing lunch tote in the mail....for Younger Daughter, who is obsessed with all things zebra.  Made by Simply Bags (, it is well constructed, made of lovely material and is just darn cute!  Of course, it had to be monogrammed.....and even that came out really well....Look!

I can't wait to order up is their adorable bag for dogs.  Poor little Lucy has had to make do with an old LL Bean tote...and it doesn't even have her name on it!  Now when she goes to her little "resort" when we leave town, she can travel in style!!

There are tons of adorable bags....Click on their site and look around....

I love, love, LOVE this teacher's bag.  Wouldn't that be a great gift from the class, stuffed with goodies (Back to School, Christmas, End of the Year)?

Speaking of school.....What about college?  Every student needs a cute laundry bag....or a tote bag for carrying the essentials to a football game/tailgate party!  (I hated to pick just one school, so I chose Chapel Hill in honor of my dad.  Duke fans, my apologies...)  They also have adorable bags that are for have to check those out on their site!!'s the treat I mentioned yesterday......The owner of Simply Bags has offered readers of The Classic Preppy a special discount through the month of September.  10% off just by using the coupon code preppy.  So, check it out....I think I am going to do a little Christmas shopping myself!


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