Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Trip Down Memory Lane

For those of you a certain age, check out what is available on Facebook as far as groups of people around the same age, who grew up in the same town. They are springing up all over the place and are so much fun! A friend of mine in South Carolina is in one that has over 1200 people...and someone I know from my hometown (Delray Beach, Florida) just started one on Tuesday.... and it is already over 150 members strong! It has brought back such sweet memories!

I just posted the picture above on the group today, as a few of us were in the same kindergarten class. Love how the children are dressed! So different than what you see today....Can you figure out which one I am?  I have majorly preppy (think "English sandal") shoes on!

In Delray Beach, the children's shop was Happy Daze.  I remember it only slightly, because Miss Betty's favorite children's shop in Delray Beach was Ellen Ruth's, which was still in existence when Older Daughter was a baby.  Miss Betty's absolute favorite, though,  was the Lullabye Shop in Palm Beach.  The number of hours I spent in that store and the Prep Shop next door, where she got my brother's clothes....countless.  However, if we "behaved" (which was very big with Miss Betty), we were rewarded with a trip to the Royal Poinciana Plaza to have lunch at Schrafft's and stop in FAO Schwarz to "look around."  

(Picture of the Lullaby Shop from the Florida archives, and featured in Historic Photos of Palm Beach County.)

If you are too young to remember Schrafft's (in New York and Palm Beach), then check out the book, When Everybody Ate At Schrafft's.  You can get it on Amazon (even for your Kindle!).

The picture I posted last week that was a special memory for me, was a picture of one of the little seats in the interior courtyard at the Royal Poinciana Plaza.  There are debates on whether or not this and the Royal Poinciana Playhouse are viable structures to preserve/"save."  I think they are.  It may be more sentiment than architectural significance....but they are treasures beyond compare in the Classic Preppy's estimation!

The Royal Poinciana Plaza is also (very sadly) remembered for being the location of Au Bar, the site of the Ted Kennedy/William Kennedy Smith scandal of 1991.  I don't think it really recovered after that....but I always have hope for the future!  If you are in Palm Beach, pop over there to Too-Jay's Deli for lunch or an early dinner...and have a look around.

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