Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Madness: Earthquakes and Hurricanes and Aftershocks..Oh, My!

It was quite a week around here! Started with the 5.8 earthquake, followed by aftershocks and finished up with a tropical storm/hurricane. We had some damage, including a tree down in the backyard, but are grateful to be in one piece. Others did not fare as well. Being without power is an inconvenience, not a tragedy....and LIFE GOES ON! (The picture above is the tree that fell across the road from our neighbor's.)

Got a fun email in the midst of all of this, from a great company called Just got finished ordering a fun monogrammed lunch bag for Younger Daughter, and am thinking about going back over to their website in a minute and looking for a little treat for Yours Truly!

You can visit them at and get to know more about them from their video!

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