Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Wrap Up: More From New York Social Diary

On the side bar of this site, you will see a link to the New York Social Diary, for an article written by their Palm Beach columnist, Augustus Clemmer Mayhew.  Clemmer and I are separated by a few years in age (I won't say who is older/younger!), so I didn't know him growing up....but I found out that he was an good friend of a dear friend of mine, when he mentioned her in his column a while back. Our mutual friend put us all together for lunch last year when I was in Florida, and we have been fast friends ever since.

Another friend from Florida, whose mother was a friend of Miss Betty's,  Facebook messaged me last September, asking my advice on some historic photographs he had.  My friend knew that I was big into historic preservation of all kinds:  architectural, photographic, etc.  When he told me what/whom these photographs were of...and how many albums he had in his possession, I know he could hear the thud 1000 miles away, as I hit the floor.  This was an amazing treasure!!!  These photos had never been seen outside the family!  I immediately put him together with Clemmer, who is also the former archivist for the Historical Society of Palm Beach.  The outcome of all of this are the original article (side bar) and two additional articles, which appeared this week on  They are fascinating get a cup of tea or coffee...or a glass of wine, if it's later in the day.....and dive in!

Philadelphia In Palm Beach, Part II

Philadelphia In Palm Beach, Part III

I am heading back to the sunny shores of Florida in a matter of days....and can't wait to catch up with my buddies and "talk history!"



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