Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: I'm Back

I am so sorry I haven't blogged in awhile...I have been traveling non-stop this summer, and have been super busy since returning to Richmond.  (Will pick back up with the blog on Monday....)

Started off in June with a quick trip to L.A. to see friends and family! Love, love, LOVE the Long Beach easy to get in and out. Charming and oh-so-retro/Art Deco!

Was all over southern California, and fell in love with Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Santa Monica and Venice Beach.  Absolutely adored the historic architecture of some of the buildings on the Venice Beach boardwalk...although much of it was covered in non-historic paint and graffiti.

Be sure to try Nelson's (click on the name to see the view!) if you are in the area....On the site of a beautiful resort where Marineland used to be, the food is delicious, the view is great and the vibe is fun!

Back to the east coast on the red-eye (with a two hour drive back from Dulles), I was raring to go (a few days later) back to the Carolinas and Georgia.  Had such a great time with family on that trip.....and especially enjoyed a return trip to the North Georgia mountains/Lake Rabun and the Dillard House.  The table was laden with veggies and other goodies and I was a bad, bad girl.  Had to have the sweet tea to go with it, too!  However, when I returned from this trip and went off the next weekend for a quick July 4th jaunt, I returned to my good eating habits!

There are two special food places in my life, that even with my new and improved eating program, I will never be able to pass up if I am in the area.  One is Duke's in Greenville, SC, and the other is Steak N' Shake.....and they now have one in Fredericksburg, right off I-95!

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