Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Preppy Board Games

I love, love, LOVE the game of backgammon.  If you grew up where I did, then learning was mandatory.  After all, one had to have something to do at the beach club when those afternoon thunderstorms moved in!  A cozy cabana, your BFF, and a backgammon board meant that you were set!  (My BFF and I will be back on that same beach this summer....and I am bringing my board!!)

I have lost count of the number of boards I have, but my favorite is my original, from my youth.  It is a "briefcase" type of board, and the handle has even fallen off....but it brings back such memories to use it!

Saw this cute board online (from Preppy Cards)....and found a terrific blog to go with it!  Check out Stylebeat ....I know you will love it!

Have a great Thursday....I should be doing some more decluttering, but think I will go out to the pool and "think" about what I have to do, rather than actually "do" it!

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