Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Tips: Getting (Staying) Healthy And Feeling Great!

This is a long post and has two medium length videos in it. Please take the time to read/view everything. I promise you...It's a "don't miss!"

Two things run in my family.....bad hair and good skin.  Luckily, a lot can be done at the hair salon ("better living through chemistry").....but skin can only be so good working from the outside in.  You have to work from the inside out!!  I had noticed my skin had gotten dull and a bit saggy, and although I know at my age (52) I can only expect so much, I wasn't happy with what I was seeing.  Every picture I had taken had to be digitally corrected to make it look decent. Remembering my mother's advice about drinking lots of water and eating properly, I decided to turn my attention back to all of that.  It didn't take long before I noticed results, too.  The other day I was getting ready to Skype someone and noticed that I looked "better" on the video camera. So I did a screen capture and was pleased to see things turning around.  I also decided that the light coming through the window in this room was good for Skyping! And right after taking this photo I saw something on Twitter that just "hit me where I lived"....

One of the people I follow on Twitter is India Hicks, whom we heard a lot from during the royal wedding.  One of India's tweets involved "giving up Diet Coke," which immediately caught my attention, because I was doing the same thing.  In her tweet, she referred to her friend Joe Cross, his movie (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) and his website, so I immediately checked it out!  Loved what I saw, and went to iTunes to see the movie.  All I can say is, you must see it.....must, must, MUST!!  Here's a preview....(This is the extended trailer and is worth every second!...and if you click on the blue link above, you can visit the movie's website.  The movie is on Pay Per View on Verizon right now as well as other cable/satellite companies.)

As you may remember from an earlier post, my friend Jack LaLanne first introduced me to juicing.

Joe Cross takes it a step further and really shows you how your body reacts to proper nutrition. I did my last juice fast in 2008, before my mother ("Miss Betty") died. She died in December 2008, and my mother-in-law died in February 2009. Dear Husband and I were both executors of the estates....and both estates were out of state. What did that mean? Stress, travel and bad eating. I won't say how many pounds I gained, but it was significant for me....and I have had a hard time removing all of them. So.....

Next week I am doing another juice fast to help get my body in a healthier state. Not sure how I am going to journal it...may do something here on the blog, or may not. If you are interested in seeing a blog that is a journal of a juice fast, then I recommend you check out Tracy Jai Edwards' blog! I found it through a link on Joe's Facebook page....and I kept thinking Tracy looked familiar. She is an actress in NY, so you may have seen her on Broadway. Here is a recent video from her last day of juice fasting/first day of returning to eating fruits and vegetables as part of a 21 day cleanse.

As Jack, Joe,Tracy or I would tell you....none of us are doctors, so you certainly should consult yours if you are thinking about any kind of a cleanse or fast. One of the things I enjoyed most about Joe's movie was the fact that a couple of different physicians were involved in the process and most particularly in the journey of a man he came upon in Winslow, Arizona. You have to see the movie to see his story!

OK.....That's enough for today, but before I go, please check out the two videos. You can also follow Joe and Tracy on Facebook and Twitter. Just check out their websites, or click on my Twitter link on the right, as I follow both!

More to follow...


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  1. All fabulous info, thank you. Whatever you're doing must be working - you have a lovely glow!