Thursday, May 12, 2011

Traditional Thursday: National Historic Preservation Month

One of my biggest passions is historic preservation. So blessed to live in a historic city, I have been involved since we moved here....and I have stayed involved in my hometown as well. So, I couldn't let this opportunity pass....I had to let you know (if you didn't know already) that this is National Historic Preservation Month! You can find out more by visiting the National Trust For Historic Preservation's website.

There are events happening all over the country in celebration this check out what's happening in your area.  Also, find out what organizations serve you area and see how you can join/help.  You will have a lot of fun...and that's a promise!!

I have a lot of historic houses that are dear to my heart.  I already shared with you the story of my grandmother's family house.  Another of them (the house I grew up in) I am using as a teaching tool on online documentation of a historic (or historic-to-be) property.  That website is here.  (To read the article to the left, click on the pic and then click once more to enlarge.) Also, in working with the historic organizations that exist in my hometown, I realized there was not one website that connected all the groups, so I put together a simple blog called Historic Delray.  It was free, and a lot of fun...and I add to it as people send me things, or as I find interesting things.  It's just my little contribution to the efforts of so many who are "on the ground" there.  Look around your community....Is there anything like that you might be interested in doing? A lot of you are bloggers, so you already have the skills!  Go forth, and conquer!!

Happy Historic Preservation Month!!


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  1. If I remember right you're in Richmond? One of my favorite things to do while I'm home is ride around and see all the gorgeous Richmond historic homes!