Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Tips: "Vocabulary Do's And Don'ts"

Saw this question posed online about how one would "dress preppy,"and was appalled...

"I'm going classy preppy and I need some tips...."

Well....here are some tips from The Classic Preppy!

Never, ever, ever, ever use the word "classy." It is tacky, tacky, tacky.
"Elegant," "glamorous," "sophisticated"....all of these and more are great options! There are some words that are not in a "classic" preppy's vocabulary!

Other examples:

Not "den"....but "library"
Not "drapes".....but "curtains"
Not "couch".....but "sofa"
Not "half-bath"...but "powder room"
Not "wealthy".....but "rich" (if you must refer to someone's money....which in itself is not done)

And there are a lot more.... Can you think of some?


  1. Oh yes.
    Not gift, but present.
    Not gown, but dress.:)

  2. My grandmother always said "The only people who talk about class are people who have none."