Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Weddings

This Thursday my thoughts turn to my own anniversary (last Friday, April 22nd) and our wonderful wedding, 22 years ago, as well as to the Royal Wedding, less than 24 hours from now. April is a magnificent month in which to be married, for spring is the perfect setting!

With precious nephew, who's now 26 years old!

My own nod to the Royal Wedding is my curtsy to our very own Queen Mother, Miss Betty!

It was a complete surprise to her (and Dear Husband couldn't believe I actually did it.....but I simply had to)!!

Weddings are wonderful....and I hope William and Kate enjoy every minute of their special day. I will never forget our special day, all those years ago, and the details of it....everything from a bouquet made of my favorite flowers (gardenias, lilies of the valley and roses), to wearing my family's amazing dress, to walking down the aisle to the wonderful music of "Jerusalem" (in honor of my dear English friend, who could not be there for the wedding, and which is a closing hymn in the Royal Wedding tomorrow).

Kate's processional..."I Was Glad" by Charles H.H. Parry. (This is from St. Paul's cathedral during the Queen's Jubilee...but it gives you an idea of how majestic Kate's approach to the front of Westminster will be!)

Now....let's all pray for good weather tomorrow for the happy couple (as well as for their continued safety)!!

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