Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: The Theme Continues

More in our Classic Preppy People Week....  This was one of Miss Betty's favorite "Classic Preppy" types and mine as well.  His name?  It's preppy, too..... Baker Harrison.  "Uncle Baker" was one of my dad's best friends, and he owned an amazing clothing store called Harrison-Payne.  Harrison-Payne was in Delray Beach in the "winter season" and in Kennebunkport, Maine in the "summer season"....and in Virginia Beach as well.....although that store closed in the 60's I believe, and Baker and Mr. Payne focused on their other stores after that. (Baker is on the left in the picture.  Love his outfit for deep sea fishing in Florida, mid 1950's....)

Miss Betty had a Harrison-Payne navy cashmere blazer (that I greatly admired), which she let me "borrow" when I lived in Atlanta, and which I still have to this day.....although I have outgrown it (temporarily).  I believe it is actually older than I am, but it still looks great....and is the softest cashmere you can imagine.  It along with my engagement and wedding rings are great "snug" reminders to stay on my eating and exercise program!  (*Side note.....Miss Betty also put on a little middle age weight, and Baker, who was prone to the funniest remarks and over-dramatization/exaggeration, came for a visit once.....and when he caught sight of Miss Betty, said.... "Well hello, Miss Plump!"  She thought that was priceless and repeated it endlessly....always with a twinkle in her eye!)

Baker loved the state of Virginia, too.....After all, it is a preppy paradise!  Remember when I shared the photo gallery from Virginia Living's latest issue?  Well, the article came online this week, too.  Enjoy!!  Click here.  (I think there are also more pictures online than there were before....In any case, it's a don't miss article.)  "Forever Prep"....that's how I will always remember my "Uncle Baker!"

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and love it; so many great posts!