Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Preppies Don't Take It To The Extreme

There has been a lot of buzz about TLC's new show, Extreme CouponingHave you seen it?  What do you think?  I personally think that it's quite ironic that it is followed by the show, Hoarding: Buried Alive, because some of these "extreme coupon-ers"  (by the way, it's not a verb, so I wish people would stop referring to it as "couponing") seem like very organized hoarders to me.

Yes, it's good to have supplies on hand in this up and down world we live in today.  You never know what your circumstances will be, nor do you know if you will have a chance to stock up in case of a natural disaster, etc.  Having volunteered in a domestic violence shelter for many years, it made me sad to think of the hundreds of deodorants, paper products and canned goods people had gotten for nothing, that were just sitting there.  What great donations those could be!

Now, having said all that, we preppies do like to save money, especially because we almost always spend what we save on the little things on something more extravagant.  I have a Visa card that is tied into a hotel chain's points program, and the rooms I have gotten for nothing or next to nothing, not to mention the upgrades, are terrific.  I also have a card for every "frequent flier/buyer's" club there is, and those are great, too!!

In the past, my use of coupons has been spotty at best.  For a year or so, when I first retired and had my children, I would cut some out of the paper and read where the best sales were.  But then I got lazy.  After seeing the TLC show, I decided to pull my coupons out of the recycling bin, and match them up to the store ads for last week.....just to buy things we needed/used. 

 From my two trips to the grocery store (Martin's, here in Richmond), I bought about $375 worth of groceries and cleaning supplies (I was really low on the latter).  I ended up paying $246 for all that, saving about $130.  (It's really better than that, as I will also get a $10 Mastercard and with the $1.20 off per gallon of gas, that's another $24 or so.  So I guess all in all, I saved almost $165!! I did get two or three of some of the cleaning supplies, but they always come in handy, and I am always running out at the last minute to get something because I am "out.")

Today I have a lot of errands to run, and I have my little notebook all ready to go!  Should be another great day of savings....not 75 bottles of mustard or anything like that.....but enough to put in my Tiffany & Co. fund for a new bauble!

Have a great day!

Cheers, Liz

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  1. I love couponing! (Sorry- I use it as a verb. But I turn a lot of things into verbs. After being a bridesmaid 10-12 times, you become an expert at bridesmaiding. See how that works? Tehe!) I am not extreme. At all. But since I started using coupons, I've actually been able to donate a crazy amount of things such as deodorant, food and medicine that I can get for free. So I might keep 1-2 for myself and then the rest goes into my donate box.

    I have mixed feelings about the TLC show but in general, I enjoy it the same way others enjoy Real Housewives or Jersey Shore. I also feel I should note that I read a few of the blogs of those featured on the show and many do donate a ton. TLC just didn't show it. On the other hand, I think it's just sad when body wash, paper towels and toothpaste become your pride and joy. Sad and greedy.