Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Off Topic Tuesday: Parallel People

This post is not about anything preppy, but it is about people.  So Classic Preppy People Week continues!  It's funny how our friendships can parallel those our parents (or others) have had.  One of Miss Betty's best friends was a woman named Catherine Marshall LeSourd.  Mrs. LeSourd was always such an inspiration to me growing up.  She had such a strong faith, and her books, A Man Called Peter and Christy, have been inspiring people for decades!

I have a dear friend.....a person that Miss Betty never met.....but someone who has been just as inspirational to me as Catherine was.  Her name is Martha Kalichman, and she is the author of two books, one of which I helped her build a blog for this past weekend.  Click here to learn more.....

The story of Martha's daughter's journey through (and healing of) Crohn's Disease is absolutely amazing.  To watch the work of the Lord throughout their story is eye-opening, for everything that happens to them was most obviously His timing and not theirs.  Dr. Rainer Poley, MD, whose work is featured in this book, is changing the way Crohn's Disease patients look at their diets, especially as they relate to sugar (cutting back) and probiotics (adding). My Younger Daughter was hospitalized for a week with acute ileitis a few years ago, and although all her tests were negative for Crohn's, following this plan of eating (dear Martha shared it with us before it was published) made a difference in my family's lives and health.

Check out Martha's blog.....read the book.....or check out her newest book, Hope and Healing Along Life's Journey.  Amazing!!

PS.  If Miss Betty had met Martha, she would have loved her!

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