Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Betty Monday: Favorite People

This week I am going to highlight four of my favorite people, three of whom Miss Betty also knew and dearly loved....the fourth one she would have loved as well, but just never got the chance to meet her.  So, I guess this will be the Classic Preppy People Week!  (Try to say that three times fast!!)

Today I want to tell you about my cousin.....well, I guess she is technically my cousin-in-law, since she is married to my cousin, George.  To give you some family background.....

My Aunt Frances, Miss Betty's younger sister, was a beautiful woman who married a lovely man and had a darling baby boy.  Her son, George,  grew up to be a wonderful man, who married an amazing woman.....and they were two of Miss Betty's favorite people!

 Cousins circa 1967 and April 2000. 
(Forgive my strange hair on the right, it was a windy day!)

Miss Betty was very proud of her nephew and his wife, and if she were still here today, she would be thrilled to know that Anna, an interior designer in Los Angeles, had Martha Stewart's people ask to have items from Anna's online store (Palomino Home) shipped to her studios in New York for possible inclusion in tomorrow's show, which is featuring entrepreneurs and  companies such as One King's Lane.

Anna has some items included in One King's Lane's Tuesday Tag Sale......and since we all know Martha has excellent taste, it is no surprise to me that she chose four of Anna's things to consider for her show.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow.....and if you get emails from One King's Lane, then be sure to check out Anna's tag sale, too.

For more about Anna's design firm and to see some of the marvelous work she has done in California and beyond, check out her website. She is brilliantly talented.....and I would say that even if she wasn't one of my favorite family members!!!



  1. Liz, Great post. I for one will be looking to see who next appears, and I would agree that: She is brilliantly talented.
    Always, Bumby

  2. Good Day,
    The sitting room (library) is exceptional. Thank you for sharing.