Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Finds and Favorites

We had company last night and will again tonight....and there is nothing I love more!  Although our bedroom and the girls' rooms may get pretty cluttered, the guest rooms are always immaculate, and ready for the next guests!!

Today I want to share with you a little secret find of of the things that my friends refer to as one of my "Lucy Ricardo" ideas.  (They think I am wacky....I just like to think of it as thinking "outside the box.")

A few years ago, on a return train trip from a weekend in New York, I was going to wash my hands in the sink in our compartment.  (Miss Betty travel rules.....always travel first class on the train, and always book a compartment if one is to be had.)  When I opened the soap, I inhaled the most wonderful scent.....something that took me straight back to the happy days of my youth. couldn 't be........but....Yes!!!! grandmother's favorite soap, Cashmere Bouquet.  I hadn't seen this in the stores in ages, and immediately became obsessed.

When I returned home, I went online and found some through, which I quickly ordered.  When it arrived I was a little dismayed to find that although it had a similar scent, it wasn't exactly what I remembered.  So, the search continued.  I was on a quest to find the exact label, figuring that would be the exact scent.

What I found was the company that provided the exact same product that had been in my compartment, in the exact same size.....and I could buy 500 bars for about $35!  So, I bought a case of 500, and was thrilled to have found what I was looking for.  (The prices for these cases really varies online, and I bought mine several years ago.)  We haven't bought soap in years....and won't run out anytime soon, either!

My linen closets are stocked and ready to go. When you come to visit us, you will find several individual bars (half ounce/personal size) waiting for you in your private bathroom.  If you express a liking for said soap (seems like it was the favorite of a lot of grandmothers!), you might find yourself leaving with a little gift bag. In any case, with as many guests as we entertain on a regular basis, having soap in this size ("disposable") surely make life easy!

What are your favorite finds? 

How do you think outside the box?  
(Even if it's a box of 500 bars of soap!)

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