Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tulips for Tuesday

I love tulips!  Of course, I didn't really grow up with them, as I was a South Florida girl surrounded by gardenias, orchids, and hibiscus, but once I got "up north" to the deep South, I soon grew to love them.....and they are the first sign of real spring to me...

Dear Husband and I were married on a beautiful spring day in April, and at our Wedding Breakfast (luncheon reception) there were tulips galore!

When we had a Colonial Revival house on Monument Avenue, I had the backyard landscaped as a formal English garden (thank goodness the house was built on three lots, so we had room), and Miss Betty and I designed it so the center, with an amazing armillary in the middle, was surrounded by four beautiful parterres.  There I could have tulips and other appropriate plantings.  Our current house is French Provincial. Its landscape plan is very different and I really haven't found a place for tulips in the garden..but hey!..they're at the florist, so I can still have them in the house!

All the tulip photographs in this post are from the Netherlands.  My dear cousin, Christine, sent them to me last week, and they made my day...which was full of rain and hail... more springlike!  Enjoy!!!


  1. Tulips and celebrations seem to go together!
    Great images. Love your wedding photo.

  2. I love tulips also. My mother has tulips in her side yard.