Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Online Organization

Photos courtesy ClutterDiet.com

As I told you yesterday, there has been a lot of website "decluttering and organizing" here at The Classic Preppy.  There's been some of that going on in my house and in my life as well, and I will be sharing my successes (and challenges) in the weeks to come....

Today I want to share with you a website I found not too long ago and with which I am totally in love!  I have been looking long and hard for someone/something that will help me get on top of my clutter and chaos.  It doesn't rule my life, but it is definitely creeping into parts of it, and causing me some stress.  I have tried various other sites and services, and they have helped a little, but I just didn't completely "click" with the program.  (I guess it's like a diet....different programs work for different people.)  The reason I am writing about this today is that ClutterDiet.com is having an online webinar tonight (9pm EDT) for their members and it looks like it is going to be amazing.  One of Clutter Diet's many outstanding features is that it lets you try it out for very little money...and then, if you decide to stay with it (like I have), the monthly cost is less than ordering a pizza!  (Which we do way too much of around here, because I am not always organized enough to cook dinner and do a million other things...)

Clutter Diet's founder, Lorie Marrero, is also a spokesperson for one of my favorite charities, Goodwill. Have you seen their awesome online donation calculator?  Love, love, LOVE Goodwill!!!

Ok, Preps.....We all like clothes, and we all have closet issues.....Check this out!

I am not sure exactly what it is about Lorie and her program that works so well for me....I like the FlyLady and others like her, too....but Lorie and her website really speak to me. Love her YouTube channel!  The Clutter Diet site is graphically clean/well-organized/friendly, and her topics hit right at the heart of where I need help!  The professional help and advice you get costs a lot when you hire a professional to come to your house.  Check it out yourself by clicking on the link in the side bar....I never thought about officially recommending something from my blog before, or associating it with another group, but ClutterDiet.com is worth "spreading the word" about!

Don't forget their special online webinar tonight! It's a chance to talk, ask questions, observe, whatever you like.  I will be participating...Just look for "ClassicPreppy!" (Again, it is for members only, so you would have to sign up for the monthly $4.95 intro fee.)



  1. Hi Liz, wow, this is such an awesome write-up about our program! I am honored! I look forward to chatting with you on the webinar tonight! It's really freestyle, Q&A, and fun, just connecting and seeing how I can help whoever is showing up. We always laugh a lot. :)

    Lorie Marrero

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