Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Find: Elegance In Design (And The Royal Wedding)

All one has to do is look through a Tiffany & Co. catalogue (present or past) to see the importance of simplicity and elegance in design.  Many other companies specialize in elegant design as well.....but many don't!

I have been reading a lot about the souvenirs that are being produced for the royal wedding, and I must say that few of them pass the elegance test in my opinion.   There is at least one exception to this, however, and today is a very special day in that regard!

Halcyon Days enamel boxes ("Battersea boxes") were always one of my favorite things at Tiffany's.  We had special designs the company produced for us and they continue to this very day, even producing a special line for the noted designer (and Richmond, Virginia native!!) Charlotte Moss and her company.

When I was on Ms. Moss' website not to long ago, I was taken to the Halcyon Days site, and saw the enamel box they had created for the royal engagement.  

Today....March a very special day for the company, too, as it is the day they launch their official souvenirs of the wedding..... CLICK HERE to see the collection!

One of the many dear little things I inherited from Miss Betty was this sweet little crystal vase....

It is simple and elegant in design......and if you look very closely, you can see it is etched in honor of the 1981 wedding of Prince William's parents.

Again....simple and elegant. (And very dear to Miss Betty (and me), because I believe it was given to her by her dear friend, Aileen, who hails from Scotland.)

Simple.  Elegant.  There's no other way to go, if you want to be a "classic preppy!"

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