Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Changes and Birthday Celebrations

Hi!  This week you will start noticing some changes on the blog.....and as for birthdays, this Friday is the one year anniversary mark for!  (Earlier this month, I had my own birthday, but we won't mention that number!)  I can't believe it's been a whole year since I started The Classic Preppy, and I am so excited about the future as well.....There are changes afoot!!

The first change is the design of the blog.  I am doing some decluttering and reorganzing, and what you are seeing now is almost final.  The background is the view out of an airplane window (more about that next Monday, when we return to "Miss Betty"), and the template is almost set, with just a few more additions to come.

The second change will be how each day's theme is presented....more decluttering and reorganizing! "It's a good thing!"   Final decisions are being made about that, and there are some new topics as well as some "vintage" things I want to cover, so be ready for some fun new posts....

Finally, I have run across some great new blogs/websites that I want to share with you, so look for more of that, starting tomorrow!!!  Everything else should be up and going on Friday.


UPDATE:  The Bloggers Day of Silence raised over $54,000 for Japan.....and the goal was $5,000.  Thank you all for your generosity!!


  1. I love the look, esp since classic preppy and I share birthdays.