Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday: Sense Memories

The other day I spotted a bottle of a perfume I used to wear back in the day (the 80's!) when I worked for Tiffany & Co.  It is called Y (pronounced "Ee-grec") by Yves St. Laurent.  On a whim, I bought some, and have been wearing it this week.  It makes me feel young again, as it has brought back so many memories from when I wore it all those years ago.

It's amazing what sense memories can do to one.  Whenever I am lighting candles, I am transported back to being old enough to be allowed to do that, and lighting them for Miss Betty, before one of her dinner parties.  When I smell something cooking, I immediately go back to the place I first smelled that delicious aroma.  I have noticed that my girls do the same thing....

Here is a recap of my life and sense memories (as told in my perfume choice) going back to when I went off to college.....

Miss Betty and I had flown to Atlanta to do some shopping for me before I went off to college, as my "seasonal" wardrobe was limited, living in South Florida.  While at Saks Fifth Avenue in Phipps Plaza, I spotted a beautiful bottle of perfume and tried it.  Lovely!  Coriandre by Jean Couturier.  That became my scent for almost all four years!  (On and off I also wore Yves St. Laurent's Rive Gauche, which was one of Miss Betty's favorites.  Still wear it to this day, as it reminds me of her.  Her absolute favorite was Chanel No. 19.  One of her dear friends used to always give her Fracas by Jean Patou, a fragrance she couldn't wear, but which I loved.  Got all those hand-me-downs!)

After college, or perhaps in my senior year, for a brief while I wore Anais Anais by Cacharel.  I remember liking the smell and it didn't break my budget.

I soon progressed to something more grown-up and wore First by Van Cleef and Arpels.  (I wore this through most of my time at Tiffany & Co., which always seemed a bit disloyal. LOL)

I wore First past my time at Tiffany's as well....all through the mid/late 1980's and the first half of the 90's, and then experimented with several scents until I found the one that has become my signature scent.  That scent is 24 Faubourg, by Hermes.  I bought it just as it was launched, and absolutely fell in love with it.  It was around this time that my father became ill and passed away.  One of the very last things he said to me was, "You smell so good!" until the day they stop making it, it will be my favorite!  My daughters also like it when I wear it...."Mom, that smell is what we remember from when you and Daddy were getting ready to go to a party!"  It is definitely my evening perfume, and I also wear it during the day on "dressier" days.

These days, my go-to daytime scents are New York by Brooks Brothers and of course, my new bottle of Y.  Last spring/summer, I wore Lilly Pulitzer's summer scents, but this year, I have something new on my wish list.  Luckily, I have a birthday next week, so I am hoping that certain people in my family are reading this blog post!!  They are lucky, because this very special perfume is hard to find....and until recently, only came in a very large bottle.  Just found out last night that they now have a new 2.5 ounce size, perfect for traveling.....or, in my opinion, the perfect size to actually use up, before the rest of the bottle "turns!"  I tried some in New York last August, and loved it....I'll let you know what it is next Wednesday, if any of it appears!

No, on second thought, I think I will let my family surprise me next week.  (All I really want from them is just to keep things picked up and put away in their various areas of the house anyway!!) 

I think I will order this for myself!! has free shipping!!

Which are YOUR favorite scents?  Do they bring back happy memories??


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