Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Think Pink" Tuesday

We haven't had a "Think Pink" Tuesday for awhile....and I really want to get out of winter mode and into spring!

I recently found this vintage postcard from the Arvilla Hotel and Tearoom in my hometown of Delray Beach, Florida.  The Arvilla no longer exists, and may have been gone before my time......but the pictures really appealed to me.  There is something about the simplicity and "Old Florida" of it that really makes me want to "be there".... siting at the cute tables with pink tablecloths, having tea with friends, or reading a newspaper or magazine in the Florida room, enjoying the ocean breezes through the jalousie windows.  The house I grew up in had jalousie windows in the sunroom/solarium (Miss Betty did not like the term "Florida room!" LOL).  The current owners removed them when they bought the house....but every time I see a beach house with jalousie windows, it brings back such great memories of times gone by!

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