Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

I really don't know much about football.  If I go to a game, I pretty much stand up and cheer when everyone else on my side does....and just hope for the best!  In middle school, I pulled for the Miami Dolphins, because they were from my neck of the woods. Pre-Dolphins, however, the Green Bay Packers were highly regarded by the boys in my elementary school, so they were my favorite team, too.  I trusted the boys to know what they were talking about!  As I am sure many of you know, this is not the Packers first trip to the Super Bowl.  Here's a great shot from Sports Illustrated from their 1968 Super Bowl win against the Oakland Raiders....

Just going through some photos and found this class shot from my 3rd grade class. Our incredible teacher, Marilyn Illsley, thought up an academic game which we scored like the Super Bowl game. As you can see from the chalkboard close-up, the Packers held a strong lead in our classroom as well!

Since I don't know any more about football today than I did in 3rd grade, I think I will be a Packers fan again tomorrow.  Half of Dear Husband's family is from Pittsburgh, so I am guessing that is where his allegiance will be.  Either way, it's sure to be a great game!!

By the way......Next time you are on Facebook, have a little fun and look up some of your former teachers.  I am friends with many of mine.....They are still inspirational....and a lot of fun! (The picture below is of me and three of my all time favorite teachers from a reunion in 2003.....from left to right, Marilyn Illsley (3rd grade), Joan Rullman (1st grade) and Norma Riggs (5th grade).

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