Monday, February 28, 2011

Miss Betty Monday: WWMBD

Miss Betty was known for her good advice! As a matter of fact, after she went to heaven, I started getting calls from people of all ages.... "What would Betty think/say/do?"

Well, in honor of that, here's what Miss Betty probably would have to say about things as they are today....

"Life today seems pretty tacky, common and vulgar (all said in a South Carolina accent with emphasis...these were three of Miss Betty's favorite words), but there is hope for the world if we can turn a few things around..."

1. We need to have more parties with orchestras....not bands, not combos, not even quartets. Nothing makes a party great like a good orchestra....especially one that can play something Glen Miller or one of the Dorsey Brothers used to play. Who knows? Parties with orchestras could lead to world peace....Let's dance!

2. In that same vein, there need to be more tea dances, just like the "old days" where people actually dressed in the afternoon and had a the chance to so some fun (and proper) socializing in the daytime. (*Tea dances also involved alcohol, so there was something for everyone!) Miss Betty especially loved the tea dances at the Cavalier Beach Club, in Virginia Beach. That's where she and my dad got to know Jimmy Dorsey (and his orchestra)!

3.  People need to dress better in general...especially people in airports.  What you see today is just horrendous.  Life in general could be greatly improved and people would feel better about themselves.  Men should wear hats more and women should, too...and gloves as well......BUT.....and this is important..... No hats inside for men.  (According to Miss Betty there needed to be a law (and Miss Betty felt that jail time was required for offenders) for men who keep their hats on inside....especially in restaurants. If said hat is a cap (baseball, trucker, etc), the sentence should be the maximum! ......LOL....... The other night Dear Husband and I were out at a lovely new restaurant and saw a table with two offenders. I honestly believe that had Miss Betty been there, there would have been a citizen's arrest!)

I'll be sharing some more Miss Betty Bon Mots in the weeks to come.....but I will leave you with this:

When I was a young woman, she gave me a good piece of advice... "Never do anything you wouldn't want to be on the front page of the New York Times!"  (This was pre-internet!!)  So, when faced with a decision these days, I often think WWMBD? What WOULD  Miss Betty do?

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