Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday: I'm Flying!

Fair warning....this has nothing to do with being preppy.  It's almost "anti-preppy" as preps usually don't do their own cleaning or hate to clean if they have to........but today is Organizing Day for yours truly.  (The first of many!!!)

Besides some general cleaning in the house, the mission for today is to tackle my home office.....and it needs a lot of help.  Fortunately, years ago I found a wonderful website that helped me organize my organizing, and I have found her advice over the years to be priceless.  Who is this wonderful person?..........Why it's Marla Cilley....The Fly Lady!  (I guess you can say she is preppy in a way....She got her nickname because she loves to fly fish, which I have always found to be a very Southern Preppy activity!)

Here's Marla's advice for a bright beginning to a great New Year!

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  1. I love the Fly Lady; I got many great tips from her when my children were little. Now, I've adapted so many of her routines that I don't ever visit her website. I do still keep a control journal! I'm glad she is doing well.