Monday, January 3, 2011

Miss Betty Monday: The Peak Of Chic

Miss Betty loved all the decorative arts.  She knew more about antiquefurniture than anyone I have ever known, then or now.....and was knowledgeable about china, crystal, and silver, too.  If Miss Betty were still here and if she ever used a computer (she "didn't believe in them"), I think she would have loved reading one of my favorite blogs, The Peak of Chic.  I don't know its creator, Jennifer Boles, but from reading her blog, I know we have some things in common.  She lives in Atlanta (where I lived for 9 years), she worked for Tiffany & Co., and she loves vintage books and magazines filled with amazing pictures of amazing rooms, table settings, etc.

The other day, Jennifer featured a layout from the original Tiffany Table Settings book.  I, too, have this book, because it was one of the hundreds of books of that genre from Miss Betty's library......but I didn't remember seeing that particular page.

The picture is one of the few color shots in the book, and is of a table on Princess Gourielli's (Helena Rubenstein) terrace.  What caught my eye in the picture was the china she used.  I thought it looked familiar, and sure enough, upon closer inspection, realized that it was Miss Betty's Harebell Turquoise by Coalport!  Harebell is a very unique pattern, and I don't think many people know about it, or own it......but I love it.   Until a couple of years before she died, she was still asking for pieces of it for Christmas or birthday....and thanks to Replacements Ltd. (see my post from last spring ), we could make her wishes come true.  I often wondered if Miss Betty chose it as one of her two fine china patterns, because she knew she was going to live at the beach.  The colors are light and airy.

I don't use Harebell very often.....but my goal is to add a teapot and coffee pot to my Harebell collection and use it for teas and brunches.  Then one day it will go to one of my daughters or one of my nieces....and Miss Betty and her favorite china will live on!  (I would bet my bottom dollar that when Miss Betty got her Tiffany Table Settings book all those years ago, she noticed that she and Princess Gourielli both had excellent taste!!)

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