Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year....and not because it's New Year's.  January 1st is (was) my dear daddy's birthday.  My dear dad went to heaven in 1998, but if he were here today, we would be celebrating his 97th birthday with a piece of his favorite cake....coconut!!

My dad was the coolest guy ever!!  He was always my hero, and as I grew up, I admired him more and more, the more I learned about him.  After college (UNC Chapel Hill), when his father passed away, he was called (at only 22) to run the family mill/cotton business in North Carolina.  Although it wasn't his calling he did so dutifully, until he finally let the family know what he really wanted to do was fly.  In the 1930's that was very unusual......but fly he did, and was a senior pilot for United Airlines for many, many years.  We traveled all over and had the most wonderful group of friends through the airlines, many of whom had a similar story to my dads.  These were the young men who studied business, architecture, law, etc.....but whose hearts were in the sky.  All of them stepped into the unknown all those decades ago, and lived wonderful lives because of the choice to follow their passion.  They were an incredible group.....and I will write more about them soon, as they figure into many of my "Miss Betty stories."  (Miss Betty was 34 and my dad was 44 when they were married....first and only marriage for each.  Both had lived very interesting and busy lives until then.....They were a little ahead of their time!)

Happy Birthday, Daddy!  I will love you always.......Your "Libbus"

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to a dear man in your life.
    Happy New Year.