Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Wonders

You all know that I very rarely post over a weekend....and considering I have a party to host tonight and tomorrow, I should be preparing.....but...... I have to tell you about something I found last night that is just marvelous.....

One of my favorite Christmas songs is O Joyful Children.  Although it is sung beautifully by Placido Domingo, on the Three Tenors Christmas Album,  I was wondering who else had "covered" it, so I did an Itunes search.  I found it on this album by Kimberly Lord:

I listened to the samples of the other songs on the album and thought....hmmmmm.....they sound pretty good, too.....think I'll buy the whole album.  I did and listened to the whole thing before I went to sleep.  It was simply beautiful!!!

Since I was not familiar with the artist, I Googled her this morning and visited her website.  What an amazing story!  To read more about Kimberly click here.  To listen to a sample of her music, you can visit the link on her website.  In the meantime, click here to the opening of O Joyful Children!

What a wonderful Christmas gift!  Thank you, Kimberly!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'd never heard of Kimberly--she has an almost Julie Andrews-like quality on some of the carols she sings--very lovely.