Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Traditions: What's On YOUR Christmas Tree?

Before I post, a birthday shout out to a special friend and sister....SFH.  Happy Birthday!  Have a great day!!.  And a quick shout out to my new friend from Georgia, LC...whom I met at a conference in DC.  LC just sent me a marvelous package and I will be writing to thank her personally....but since she reads The Classic Preppy, I thought I would start here!

Now, on to the post!......

Don't you love those Capital One Commercials...."What's In YOUR wallet?"  I think the Christmas ones (here's one on YouTube) are especially funny!

Going through some old Christmas pictures yesterday made me realize how many special things we have on our tree.....with some very special ornaments from trees of Christmases long, long ago!

Some of my most precious ornaments are these:

Probably my most precious, this sterling silver bell (above) engraved with our middle daughter's name and the date she came into the world.  Sadly, we lost her at birth, but the It's A Wonderful Life saying, "Whenever you hear a bell, somewhere an angel is getting his wings" thought always reminds me of Baby Frances.  There are lots of other children's ornaments on the tree, too.  Love, love, LOVE all the things that came home from pre-school/school through the years.  The picture below is of Older Daughter, age 2, as an angel!
Growing up in South Florida, I am rather partial to all things of that ilk, and have several flamingos, sea turtles, manatees, etc. floating around the tree!
 And the places we like to go (over and over and over).  One of my favorite ornaments in that category is this one from the 21 Club in New York.  Looks just like the outside!
 Another favorite place, which is now sadly closed, was Carpenter Brothers on Main Street in Greenville, SC.  I have two ornaments from there. (Miss Betty thought they were kind of tacky, but I didn't care.  Lunch at Carpenter Brothers Drugstore was always a real treat!!!)
There are other interesting ornaments on the tree that were gifts from friends through the years, and each year they bring back such sweet memories.  This wonderful woven fish was a gift from our dear friends, the Putnams.  Mr. and Mrs. Putnam are such lovely people and although I haven't seen them since Miss Betty died, I think of them often.  Mr. Putnam has had a very interesting life....His father was the famous publisher, George Putnam, and his step-mother was Amelia Earhart!
 Other favorites....such as my favorite Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street, are represented.
And many of Miss Betty's favorites hang proudly as well.  The butterfly and bird (below) are two of my favorite Miss Betty pieces.  If you look at the family picture (Christmas Eve 1970) at the bottom, you can see the bird on the tree, just to the right of my brother....(Please don't judge the hair....What can I say?  I was 11 and it was 1970!!  I do remember that navy dress with the crushed red leather trim, though.  Got that in a shop in South Carolina late that summer and couldn't wait for it to get cool enough in Florida to wear it!)

Now, tell me......What's on YOUR tree?

The Classic Preppy


  1. I have four children, so we have sooo many ornaments that at least 15 years ago I started putting up more than one tree. Now I have several but the biggest tree is our Nutcracker tree. The girls danced in the Nutcracker for years and Jenna was Clara three times, so we have hundreds of ornaments representing roles they danced, framed photos of them in their costumes, along with all the characters and bunches of different nutcrackers. I have two smaller trees in the basement with all their homemade ornaments along with a red and white Santa tree.

  2. I think that's marvelous! There are many ornaments that don't make it on the tree, because it's full. I think I need another tree, too! Great idea!!

  3. My tree is haphazard in every sense of the word. Looks great mid-way up and a jumbled kid mess at the bottom.I think I will be posting a pic just for laughs. :)