Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Theme (Song)

Love, love, LOVE a good theme song.....and have several that fit many different aspects of my life.

As we approach the New Year and the resolutions that always come with that change, I want to share my latest theme song with you.  It's Jennifer Hudson's amazing new version of one of my all time favorites, Feeling Good.

Originally sung by Nina Simone and later covered by Michael Buble, Jennifer Hudson's oh-so-powerful version was recorded as part of her spokesperson campaign for Weight Watchers. (I am a Lifetime member from after having Older Daughter 19 years ago, but I have gone a bit astray and am working my way back to my goal weight with the WW online program.)  Jennifer's version of Feeling Good is a free download for those who do the online program or use the WW e-tools.  Here is the link.

If you want a little preview....check out this new WW promo.....Just go to the link and click on the video of the new commercial.

I couldn't find the commercial on YouTube yet, but I did find this little excerpt from what appears to be part of an interview, where she sings just a few bars.  It's enough....

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