Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Finds

Last night's party was a great success, and the best part is that we are now all set up for our two gatherings this weekend.  In for a penny, in for a pound.....Once we've cleaned and decorated, it's time to take advantage of the situation!!

Here's a little find via a friend from last night's party.... the Bodie Vineyard in Powhatan, Virginia.  My dear friend brought me a bottle of their wine last night, which is under my Christmas tree at present but may be opened soon!  It actually may be a Virginia Wine weekend here!....Saturday night we are going to a dinner party hosted by friends at one of Virginia's best restaurants, Palladio at the Barboursville Vineyard.  It is most definitely a "find."  According to Miss Betty, whom I took to Palladio for her 80th birthday (check back Monday for more on that!!),  it is one of the best restaurants in the country.....and she was pretty well-traveled.  If you ever get to the Charlottesville area, you need to go!

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