Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Find: The Perfect Preppy Gift For A Man

I did it.....after years of trying, I think I finally found the perfect gift for my husband.  Every Christmas I come up with things he likes (mostly) and sometimes (occasionally) things he doesn't.  When he doesn't like something, he calls it a "satchel" gift.  It seems that when he was a lad, his parents thought it would be nice to get him a lovely leather satchel to take to school.  As Dear Husband says, even in a private school, it was enough to get beat up over.....

A couple of years ago, I found the most incredible leather golf ball/golf tee holder from Brooks Brothers.  I thought for sure he would like it, but it fell right into the satchel category, and I swore I would steer clear of anything "satchel-like" in the future.  But.....this year I came across something most definitely in that category that I felt sure he would like (because it also involved alcohol), so not only did I purchase it, I had it monogrammed....which meant it was not returnable.

Christmas morning came...he opened it....and he LOVED it.  Really, truly loved it!!!  He is still excited about it....and is planning where he will take it first.

What was this great gift?

A monogrammed travel bar!

He asked me how I had come up with this great idea, and I told him (in all honesty) that when we had checked into the Waldorf-Astoria this summer and he had come up to the front desk with his paper bag of travel "supplies" that I had decided he needed to reclaim his roots of tradition and elegance.  So, he has.....and he is so enthusiastic about it!

If you are interested, just Google "travel bar" and you will see that all kinds of companies carry them, for all kinds of prices.  The company I chose did free monogramming and their delivery time was great.  There is also a similar travel bar that is made just for martinis, but I thought that DH could put a shaker where one of the bottles would normally go....and he would be fine.  (He told me very excitedly last night that he had just come up with a marvelous idea, about putting a cocktail shaker where the bottle would normally go, and I congratulated him on his smart thinking!  We're going with HIS idea there!)

It is truly a "find" when a present is so well received.  Now I better start thinking about next year.....Don't know how I can top this!

Happy New Year!!!!  Enjoy your evening, but be careful......


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  1. Hmmm. This could be a hit with my husband, too. Thanks for sharing.