Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

What a joy....and since we are still in the 12 Days of Christmas, there is more joy to come!!

Our trip to Baltimore was so much fun.... Christmas Eve service at St. Leo's followed by dinner at Chiapparelli's.....and then home to get ready for Santa.  Unfortunately, by the next morning, the forecast had changed for the worst, and we realized we needed to get back to Richmond before the snow got bad.  My dear sister-in-law changed the plans in a blink of an eye and had the five o'clock Christmas dinner ready at 1:30pm!  We had the most delicious tenderloin, with all the trimmings and had a great day (partial day that is) together....and we had a safe trip back, with only the last half hour or so being bad driving conditions.

Here's a little re-cap video....and I must confess, the snow scenes are from the pre-Christmas snow.  There is a lot more on the ground this time, but I was too tired to go out and photograph it!

Ho, ho, ho..... Liz ("The Classic Preppy")

(Click here if you have difficulty viewing the HD version below: Classic Preppy on YouTube)


  1. What a wonderful glimpse into your beautiful Christmas celebration! Thanks for compiling that and sharing it here.