Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wonderful Weekends

Whew!  So busy with non-profit work this week that I haven't had time to think about blogging.  Today is such a gorgeous day in Virginia that I think I better get outside and enjoy it.....

Here's to football games, changing leaves, corduroy pants and monogrammed sweaters!!  Fall is here!!!

Check out this video interview from CBS This Morning!


  1. I liked most of the things on the early show, but I could not handle the duck boots..with high heels. I'm more of a traditional preppy than a new and improved preppy.

  2. I am not into those duck boots. ICK.
    I am more of the old time classic prep look.

  3. I agree.....they may be "new" preppy, but they are most certainly not "classic preppy!"....And they certainly couldn't be described as understated or elegant....