Thursday, August 12, 2010

Traditional Thursday: Winterthur

Miss Betty, who knew more about antiques and the decorative arts than anyone I have ever known, always considered this to be one of the finest houses in the country.  I do believe that it was actually her favorite museum....and now I see why she fell so deeply in love with it.  I have, too!

Wilmington, Delaware

We spent so much time at Winterthur, that we missed the last of the three tours at Nemours, but we stopped by the Visitor Center just to check in.  The exciting news there is that the new book on Nemours is about to be published!  There was a gorgeous article in the March 2010 Architectural Digest (click here to see the amazing pictures!) and the mansion and gardens are featured on the Nemours website.

After we left Wilmington, it was off to Philadelphia, where we had dinner at Jones and took a lovely walk around the Old City.

It's going to be an early start tomorrow morning and a long car trip.  You will never guess where we are going next.  Hint: It has nothing to do with stately homes, and it's going to be especially fun for Dear Husband and my wonderful brother-in-law.  Tomorrow is Boys Day Out!

The Classic Preppy


  1. I went to Wintertur years ago and really enjoyed it. It was spectacular.

  2. Look at that staircase - amazing!

  3. Oh those photos are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!!