Thursday, August 26, 2010

Traditional Thursday: Here's To The Ladies Who Lunch

Pre-"Back To School" lunch with Younger Daughter.  Yum!!

I never could understand Miss Betty and all of her "ladies lunches." Whenever she came to Richmond, she wanted to go out to lunch every day and usually to what I called a "Ladies Who Lunch" place. I couldn't understand it, but luckily since she was always treating, I could go along with it and not have it completely break my budget.

Lately I think I am turning into Miss Betty. I LOVE to go out to lunch with all my and old.....and my daughters, too! I think I am going to have to cut down, because it is killing my budget and my waistline, but I surely have enjoyed it. I just have to start eating away from some of our cuter restaurants, which are located at Libbie and Grove Avenues....called "The Avenues" by many, but always called "The Grove" by Miss Betty. (Not sure where that came from. LOL) Why do I have to leave? My complete and utter obsession with Pearl's Cupcakes. I am telling you, they are one of a kind and out of this world....even/especially the gluten-free ones! If you are in the area, go on in and tell them that "The Classic Preppy" sent you (and then order a Black and White!)

Here's to "The Ladies Who Lunch!"  Let's all raise a cupcake to their good health!!

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  1. LOVE to lunch and brunch... would do so everyday if my waistline and budget allowed :)